The End of Day One





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Day 1

Day one started later than normal since the team was needing rest for this trip. We started this morning at a local home for the elderly our team sang with them and danced. Then the team broke into small groups and went from person to person and prayed and talked to them. This was a time that will be treasured for years to come by the group. Now we are getting ready to eat lunch and get ready to go to the hospital to hold some babies and visit the patients. Will be posting again later.




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8.5 Hours Til…

A short post before I try to get some sleep (doubtful). The team is extremely excited and full of anticipation. The luggage, for the most part, is loaded and on the bus (see picture) waiting for the drive to the airport. I ask that you remember this team of missionaries in prayer and their families this week as they are gone. That’s all for now, look for a post late tomorrow night or sooner.


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One Day Til…

I was looking back on previous trip pictures and I saw this one of a school that we will be visiting again this trip. I wondered how many students might still be there and if they would remember us or not, then my all time favorite Matt Redman song came to mind (The Heart Of Worship)and I realized I shouldn’t worry if they remember us, but if they remember Him. That is my prayer for this group, that they make such an impact for Jesus, that the people will remember that our trip to their country was not about us, BUT ALL ABOUT HIM!
Sleep well team and remember ONE DAY AWAY!!!

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It’s 1:30 am Saturday morning and I’m laying in my bed anxious about this trip. I’m thinking of the ones that have never been out of the country and how God is going to use them in a way that words can’t describe. Don’t get me wrong, God is going to use all of us and stretch each one, but that first mission trip has a special place in memory.
The team consists of a mother who has never been away from her kids for an extended period of time and has never been out of the country. Eight others that this will be their first mission trip, and the rest of us to total 20 in all. That explains my excitement. I can’t wait to watch how God stretches and blesses the first timers.

When I think of this group I am reminded of Jesus calling his disciples and can’t help but think how God has called each of us to missions. I can imagine Jesus saying to this group, “follow me on an adventure of a lifetime, where you will be fishers of men!”
To the team, ARE YOU READY?!!
Will be posting daily. Please pray for this awesome team of people as we share the love of Jesus with the people in Nicaragua.
Thanks, Greg

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What Will We Do?

Wrote this post a few weeks ago so i hope everyone enjoys it.
As I sit here at Panera Bread and eat my sandwich and sit in this nice warm place, I have asked myself a question that is nagging me and driving me crazy!! “What will I do?” is the reounding question that is going thru my mind. Seems like as I think about this satan is wanting to side track from seeing as Jesus sees and hurting as He does. I am watching countless people go on with life as if there is nothing wrong in their lives, then I am reminded that most of them, if Jesus came back right now, would die and be eternally seperated from a Holy Loving God!! So I asked again, “What will I do?” I’m sickened by my apathy and self-endulgance! God PLEASE FORGIVE ME!

We stand and lift up our hands and worship Him, but only do it because it is what we do! Never realizing that there are people all over the world that have never heard about Him, much less worship Him. It’s a travesty that our self-righteousness allows us to think, someone else can go and share Jesus in a foreign country, I can share Him here, because we need Home Missionaries too! It is time for our apathy to end and go and share Jesus with someone!

Now I am gonna pose this question to you, “What will WE DO?!” It’s funny we will spend hundreds of dollars to send our kids to camp, but never blink an eye to send them on a mission trip either in country or out. We will spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars for them to play a sport, but refuse to let them do anything for Jesus! I am not pointing my finger at anyone I am in this too, I mean I go home, just like everyone else, and sit on my couch turn on my big screen tv and say, “I am blessed!” This is the SIN that we are in, we are SELF-ABSORBED!!! While in our own country thousands of girls and women are being sold into sex slavery and we are literally sitting on our hands and doing nothing to help them! Again, “What wll We DO!!” The funny thing is, we seem to ask this question alot, “What CAN we do?” and that is our excuse, we don’t know what to do, so that makes it ok, NOT! I am in the same place as everyone else, I do this too. I get preoccupied with the things in my life that I allow them to smother everything else up, so I am not complaining about anyone at all, Us in general!

So, What Will We Do?

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Breakdown That Wall!

Have you ever built a wall? I know, that sounds funny coming from me, but the truth is walls are built daily in the world. Now I am not talking about a material wall but a wall that separates us from God, family, friends, and the like. So often these walls are built so gradual that we don’t even realize they are being built until they are so high that they have blocked out  everything that is good.

The biggest culprit for the walls in our lives is sin. Sin is the determining factor that creates and sustains the walls in our lives. I am reminded of a verse that says, in Greg’s Paraphrase, satan (little s) comes to steal, kill, and destroy our lives. His sole purpose is to keep people from accepting Christ and he does that by stealing our joy, killing our testimony, and detroying our lives and might I add he does a great job at it too!! If he can make us sin and forget about what we are to do for God then he is keeping people from accepting Christ.  Some more of the material that satan uses are:

  • Strife
  • Discontentment
  • anger
  • pride
  • jealousy
  • thoughts

just to name a few, I am sure that you can think of a few more if you tried.  Here is a secret, if you are feeling these kinds of things, IT IS NOT FROM GOD!! Remember God does not and will not make you sin! God will give you a way of escape from sin, but you have to want to escape first! Am I saying that I like sin? Well, yes because that is the human nature, that why there is a way of escape because we like sin! Think before you judge me, we all sin daily whether we tell a lie or worse it happens in our lives. So daily we need to learn to break down that wall that SIN tries to build in our lives. Here’s a verse to put in your memory Romans 12:2 “Do not conform to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is good and acceptable and perfect will of God”


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