Saturday At The Dump…

Today we went to the village next to the dump in Chinandega where the team distributed rice and beans to a hundred families. As we drove into the village children were climbing onto the van trying to get to the rice and beans on the top. Sometimes in this area parents sell their daughters to the truck drivers so they can have first pick of the truck and the contents of it. I was explaining to the group that this is life to these people and when we think about tomorrow they only think about the next minute or hour. I watched as some of the team broke down and cried because of our selfishness and how we take for granted what we have been blessed with. I want to share a few pictures of the team as we were there. I’m going to say this, words can’t express the scene at the village outside the dump. Please pray for these people that we will not just feed them, but that we can developed the heart to teach them. I am not sure of the number that prayed to receive Christ, but there was a lot of them praying with team members for salvation.





This little guy is Julio that lives with Cheryl.


About radicalspeaks

Greg is a youth worker that loves teens and wants to see them live a RADICAL life for Christ by sharing their faith with their friends. Sometimes being RADICAL is not popular, but keep in mind, Jesus wasn't popular sometimes either. Greg is married and has three daughters and lives in Corryton.
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