Guest Post from Madison and Jessica…

Hola amigos! First we would like to thank everyone for your prayers and we ask that you continue to pray for us. Yesterday we went to the nursing home here in Leon and Jess and I (madison) got to pray with a lady that accepted Christ. Praise Jesus for that sweet opportunity! Then we went to the hospital and got to visit with several mothers and their newborn babies. We all felt very overwhelmed with the conditions that they have their babies in. It is so humbling to see the appreciation they have for so little. There were four women and their babies per room with the hospital rooms being smaller than ours at home. Since there is no air conditioner, the windows are open and birds can fly in. It is crazy! We feel so blessed for what God has given us in the US. Last night we had a great church service that ended with prayer and worship. It was evident that the Lord’s presence was there. Today we went to a little village and did door to door (really hut to hut) evangelism. We had been to four houses and were getting discouraged because everyone we spoke with said that maybe they would accept the Lord at a later time. And we would like to add that to get to three of those houses we had to cross what they would like to call bridges that looked as if they would crash into the water below at any second. Thank ya, Jesus for keeping us safe because we were scared for our lives! As we said, Satan was really trying to destroy our spirits when we came to the fifth house. A we crossed the little bridge, children came to greet us and the mother was shouting for us to come in and that she was glad we were there to speak with them. She hugged us all and welcomed us with a loving heart. We could feel the Holy Spirit and when we asked if they were Christians the mother said yes! The Lord knew that we needed a little pick me up and of course He came through! After lunch, we went back and had VBS with the children of the village. It was so much fun and we think the kids really liked it! As for me (Madison), I’m loving every second of being back in this beautiful country with the people I love and Jess is learning so much about herself and is loving every moment too! Thank you all for reading and we’ll post later in the week!






This is the sweet Christian family we met! Aren’t they just so stinking cute?!


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Greg is a youth worker that loves teens and wants to see them live a RADICAL life for Christ by sharing their faith with their friends. Sometimes being RADICAL is not popular, but keep in mind, Jesus wasn't popular sometimes either. Greg is married and has three daughters and lives in Corryton.
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